E7E3A045-5F74-4217-82B7-602B1055739CI am a Washington state-based freelance writer, illustrator and editor who covers the environment, natural history, science, and place.

In my writing, I seek to illuminate the complicated ways people relate to landscapes and other species. In my visual art, I’m most interested in the cultivation of wonder, and the ways it might help more of us come to value and make space for wildness and each other. My current work is at the nexus of the two fields—a place where, I hope, these themes can combine in immersive ways that foster empathy, respect for nuance over polarization, and a sense of awe for and accountability towards the world as it is—still huge and full of mystery and beauty, however threatened or diminished. My writing and reporting have appeared in The Atlantic, Audubon Magazine, Hakai Magazine, The Washington Post, High Country News, BioGraphic, National Geographic News, Smithsonian.com, The Guardian, Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line, and The Last Word on Nothing. My work has been anthologized in The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Volume 11.

Author photo by Nathaniel Wilder