Extreme makeover, the BLM episode

This web exclusive appeared on hcn.org on October 3, 2014:

No,  Planning 2.0 is not outdated tax software for your 1998 dinosaur of a PC. It’s the Bureau of Land Management’s attempt to add sanity, balance and nimbleness to the unwieldy and time-consuming process (yeah, still sounds like tax stuff, just bear with me) of updating resource management plans that govern what happens on millions of acres of public land.

It might sound boring, but it’s definitely important: If done well, it could give the agency tools to do a much better job protecting swaths of habitat and wildlife migration corridors that cross field office boundaries and state lines, siting and regulating development to avoid conflicts with people and sensitive ecosystems, changing course to meet new challenges on the ground, gathering and incorporating public input and heading off frustrating rounds of litigation, among other things. More…